Sausage & Brews: Angel’s Trumpet Ale House

The Food: Warm Sausage Platter
The Beer: Los Padres Saison (7.2% ABV)
The Place: Angel’s Trumpet Ale House
The Location: 810 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ

So there I was, wandering around hotter than (insert hotter-than comparison) mid-summer evening downtown Phoenix, looking for a place to grab a drink. Alas, a beacon, radiating air conditioning and hops. We pull open the broomstick door handle, sauntering inside the hipster haven.

A giant chalkboard hovers above the bar, 31 boozy drinks on tap. They might need to bury me here.

I opt for the Los Padres saison, which is French for “season”, which means I’m fancy. Like any true beer aficionado, I swizzle the beer around in it’s goblet and take a whiff. I prefer a certain amount of pretension with my craft beers. Upon first sip, my happiness is solidified.

A quick side note, did you know that a single sip of beer can trigger the amount of dopamine to make you as happy as you’d be if you were actually intoxicated? If you don’t like my article, at least you learned something.

100 sips later (I might have ordered a few more glasses), I conclude on behalf of the entire group that it’s time for some food. Amongst the giggle, we elect for the warm sausage platter; 3 sausage types, wild game, bratwurst and chorizo with five dipping sauces, sweet mustard, hot mustard, onion relish, creamy horseradish and house made ketchup. Just the right amount of food for our (my) rumbling tummies.

Unique beers with a side of hip. I pulled up a seat way before it was cool.

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