“I’m Here So I Wont Get Fined.” Just Kidding…Here Cause We Love Food!

The Dish: Empanadas w/Argentinia Beef by Triple Dot Food Truck King Crab Roll & Calamari RoadRiggers Food Truck Fried Rice Bwol with Island Fried Chicken by Island Loco Food Truck
The Trucks: Triple Dot Food Truck, Island Loco Food Truck, Roadriggers Food Truck
The Location: Check Here Triple Dot, Check Here Island Loco Check Here RoadRiggers

We are not hear so we don’t get fined…we are loving all of the activities happening throughout the valley for this Super Bowl week and Waste Management Phoenix Open weekend. One of the consistent trends we are so happy to see is the inclusion of #Phoenixfoodtrucks at all of the events. So we took the liberty to try a few we found out at the #ESPN #ScottsdaleFanFest @ScottsdaleFashionSquare

First up was Triple Dot Food Truck brought to us by Chef Josephina. Chef made this street food leap after being in the food industry for years and brought a mix of Argentine and Holland with empanadas, bitterballen, and stroopwafels. We were lucky to try the empanadas and bitterballens…(see the triple dots) the empanadas were simply freaken incredible! The perfectly fried dough melts in your mouth only to reveal the incredibleness inside (ours was Argentinian ground beef w/onions, peppers, olives, raises and spices, and the other sausage, kales, feta and cranberry). If that doesn’t make your mouth water, check your pulse! We loved the bitterballens too!

Second up was Island Loco Food Truck. We picked the menu item that was described as “limited quantities” which was the Fried Rice Bowl with Island Fried Chicken. The seasoning was unlike any fried chicken we’ve ever had which laied on a bed of pork fried rice. Bra…this was incredible!!! We love our teachers but am happy this Island teacher decided to change his carers and bring this cuisine to Phoenix!

Last and certainly not least was Road Riggers Food Truck direct from the 360 area code (Western Washington State) and are proudly displaying The Seahawks 12th Man flag. We tried the King Crab Roll and Calamari. This calamari was better than any brick and mortar calamari we’ve ever had…and the King Crab Roll? Forgetaboutit! This crab was off the charts and represents the 12th man INCREDIBLY well! Chef Debbie brings her truck to the Phoenix market every year when the season in Western Washington shuts down. So we say to Western Washington on behalf of Phoenix…thank you for having an off season!

So, when you’re out at all of the events taking place this weekend…go out of your way to find and eat from a food truck! We guarantee you’ll head back to the window and say thank you!

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