Top 5 Brewery Patios in Metro Phoenix

By Keaton Arnlund aka Brewz Traveler

When November rolls around, most people around the US are heading inside and avoiding most outdoor activities. Luckily for us here in Phoenix, Arizona, that trend is the opposite. It’s now primetime patio weather here in the Phoenix area so I’m going to share with you the top 5 Brewery patios in the Phoenix Metro area. I’ve spent the last couple days exploring breweries trying to find the best of the best; so buckle up and remember no hop-blocking allowed on this beer journey. All craft, no crap.

  1. McFate Brewing (South Scottsdale) – Scottsdale, AZ

Coming in at number 5 is the new McFate Brewing location in South Scottsdale. This brewery has been making incredible beer from the very beginning, winning a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival for their Candy Bar Milk Stout less than a year into business. Thankfully they were able to expand which brings us to the South Scottsdale location. It’s hard to miss the giant red McFate Brewing truck out front on Scottsdale Road. This patio really does it all. Whether you’re looking for a place to take the family, play some corn hole with your buds and some brews, or want to kick back with your dog and enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather, then look no further. If you’re fortunate enough to be there while they have their Candy Bar Milk Stout on tap, ORDER IT! If your palate is more “Dolla Dolla Pils” they make a pretty crisp India Pale Lager that’s just the beer for you.

  1. Arizona Wilderness Brewing – Gilbert, AZ

It almost pains me to put Arizona Wilderness on a list and not have them at #1 but here they are! AZW is without a doubt making the best beer in Arizona and you can quote me on that. From the moment you walk in, you can tell they are proud to be representing the great state of Arizona. Their incredible patio wraps all the way around the brewery, connecting the front and back of their brewery for ample amounts of hangout space. In the back, you can enjoy many of their great beers by the fire pit while you wait for your table which is my favorite thing about this patio. This is also a great place to enjoy a cool Arizona evening. You’ll notice their whole patio is streamed with lights overhead which makes for a very cool atmosphere. If you’re a beer snob like myself, then you’ll love AZW; they make it their mission to create beautifully crafted Arizona beer by using the best local ingredients they can get their hands on. When you find yourself at this brewery, go check out their taproom for some special release beers they’ve canned; Dirty Hop Water is one of my personal favorites. If you want to be entertained, follow the owners Jonathan and Patrick on Instagram (@thewildernessboys) as they travel the world making beer and learning tricks of the trade with the best of the best.

  1. The Perch Brewery – Chandler, AZ

Walking into The Perch you will begin to forget you’re in Arizona as you’re surrounded by trees and over 50 rescued tropical birds. The atmosphere of this place is extremely refreshing and puts you in the perfect mood to enjoy some delicious food and a nice cold one. If that’s not your speed, you can make your way to the rooftop bar and enjoy some live music and a nice view of Downtown Chandler. Upstairs is where you would find me, due to the fact that I’m terrified of birds and I’m a sucker for a good view. They also have some great food on their menu that is carefully crafted to pair perfectly with the beers they have available, making this brewery a win-win for foodies and brew-heads alike.

  1. OHSO Brewery & Distillery – Phoenix, AZ

Before I dive into this brewery patio, I should let you know there are three and soon to be four OHSO locations (all of which have incredible patios) but I’ll be featuring the Paradise Valley location. This gigantic patio is just as much for dogs as it is for humans. My favorite thing about this brewery patio is the relaxed vibe that hits you the second you walk in. You’ll find bikes with fans for wheels outlining the patio, kids playing ping pong, dogs drinking from the fountain, and good times being had by everybody.

  1. Pedal Haus Brewery – Tempe, AZ

I’m entirely confident putting Pedal Haus Brewery at #1 for the best patio in the valley. This brewery has a truly unique feel, and it’s right on ASU campus so you get that fun atmosphere while being tucked back far enough from Mill Avenue that you’re not surrounded by rowdy college kids. Pedal Haus recently finished a remodel to expand both their brewery and patio. With the new addition of decorative, yet functional garage doors, it feels like you’re always outside on the patio which gives it a very open feel that makes it impossible to leave – clearly, they know how to draw and keep a crowd. This patio can suit nearly any occasion, which can be tough to manage when it comes to breweries. When you find yourself on this patio, you will feel like a kid again trying to decide if you want to go play ping pong, corn hole, or sit back in the beer garden to watch some football with your favorite Pedal Haus brew. Ordering their IPA will make you one hoppy customer.




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