Get In My Belly!

The Dish: Chicken and Donuts
The Place: Welcome Chicken + Donuts
The Location: 1535 E. Buckeye Road, Phoenix 602-258-1655 Mon-Sat 7am to 3pm

Today we made our way down to South Phoenix and lower Buckeye to a place EVERYONE is talking about….
Welcome Chicken + Donuts. As they state themselves.. “Welcome Chicken + Donuts is a restaurant with a split personality. We do artisan donuts and bone in fried chicken. We love what we do.”

Michael Babcock partner/chef at Welcome Chicken + Donuts and Welcome Diner explained to me the small kitchen accommodates two crews. The Baking shift comes in at 1am to get all their Baking done in time for the Chicken shift that comes in at 8am to accomplish their perfection. The all natural Red Birds Farm chickens make their chicken unlike any we’ve had in Arizona and the from scratch ingredient driven donuts are made daily and never served the next day. As a matter of fact, chances are if you choose to visit later in the morning, you get familiar with the signs we saw everywhere, “Sold Out”. We witnessed quite a few guest coming in hoping to get the chicken wings, only to be a little disappointed to learn they were already sold out for the day.

This chicken is phenomenal, any lover of fried chicken MUST make this a priority to get into your belly!. As mentioned above, these all natural Red Birds Farm chickens are free of antibiotics and hormones and are fried with organic flour, cornstarch and water, you then pick your lip-licking sauce (which is Asian inspired) Korean Chili, Vietnamese & fresh Herbs, or Japanese BBQ. I’ve yet to mention the spectacular cake donut that comes with all combos…and yes I discovered the holly grail of combos by combining the chicken and donut bites, I swear I heard heavenly music and saw a bright light came from the box my combo was in!

Last and certainly not least are the donuts. These delectable donuts are made daily from scratch, all organic sugar and flour, fruits glazes made from real fruit consumed by the minute and if there any are left, sent to Peer Solutions . These donuts are sensational and an absolute must for any sweet tooth you need to feed. We plan on going back to focus on an article dedicated to the donut experience.

Please, please, please, make your way to Buckeye and 16th street and do it early so you don’t see any of the “sold out” signs we did. We guarantee you will be beyond happy and you’ll probably find yourself yelling at these donuts and chicken…”get in my belly (insert best Scottish accent)!

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