Captain Crunch in your Coffee!???

The Coffee: Sightglass Coffee
The Place: Coffee bar – O to Go
The Location: 3243 n. 3rd St Phx, Az

I love finding new places, and thanks to my new friend Beth, I found Ocotillo Restaurant and Bar..and O Coffee Bar (i’m not even sure if that’s the right name?).  There’s a big humming bird on the outside of the building (just like from the Hunger Games I think).  So maybe I should just call it “The Humming Bird Coffee Bar at Ocotillo”!  First let me say, we will have another article coming soon on Ocotillo, but this post is focused on this hidden little local coffee bar that literally looks like a shipping container on the backside of the Ocotillo compound (to be more specific, the north east corner of the compound).

Let me start by saying, I never knew Starbucks coffee was burnt until I tasted coffee the way it should be, when the flavor tickles the back of your tastebuds and the side of your throat (that sounds weird, but I don’t know how else to describe it). These coffees have such unique flavors my buddy Chris suggested they have coffee flights…which we found out they are considering doing!  Have you ever heard of a pour-over?  yeah, I didn’t either!  A pour-over apparently is one of the freshest and best ways to get a full bodied incredible coffee experience….and it is extremely true!

The different coffee flavors will blow your mind, from Costa Rica Finca Alaska Honey, Cirripo with tasting notes of caramel, strawberries, and a brown sugar finish (are you kidding me?), to a Indonesia Sulawesi, Liang Bai Village with tasting notes of vanilla, nectarine and sweet pipe tobacco!  And you know what else?  The snozberries taste like snozberries! Thats and old school Willie Wonka reference for you millennial (google it 😉  While you’re googling, add “records” to your search…that’s because they have a record player spinning old school vinyl, yeah I just went there.  Not only that, but they encourage you to bring in your own records to play.  How f’n cool is that?  I just need to find some OCD friends that saved all their old records!

If you live, work, play in downtown Phoenix…do yourself and the rest of us a favor…go to Ocotillo (especially in the morning) and try some coffees that will take your morning experience to a completely different level.  I’m pretty sure, if you’re a Starbucks regular…that won’t be the case any more!

Oh wait, one more thing!  This is crazy!  They soak their milk with cereal!  I know you’re looking at this article like “what the hell does that mean?”!  The milk/creamer they use for their coffee is the best part of your morning cereal, and this week was my favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  Yeah…they really do that…how awesome!??  I had a few flavor notes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my coffee…and it took me right back to my kitchen table when I was 13.  Guess what’s next…Captain Crunch!!  I wish I knew the slogan for Captain Crunch, it would be a great way to finish this post!  They’re great!  I’m stealing that from Tony the Tiger!

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  1. craig dziadowicz

    What the French…. Toast… Cap’n Crunch flavored creamer! Brilliant
    This makes so much sense….

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