A Little Bit of Italy in Scottsdale

The Dish: Bolognese
The Place: Local Bistro
The Location: Scottsdale, Hayden and Thompson Peak
By Glen Davis

I was lucky enough to be stationed in Italy during my time in the United States Air Force. I spent about 3 years just outside of Brindisi. I explain it as “on the outside heel of the boot.”

I learned many things there, but nothing more important than how to tell a good meat sauce from an average one.

On Saturday night, my scale jumped up a notch. The Bolognese Sauce at Local Bistro may be the best I’ve tasted on this side of the Mediterranean.

The menu downplays it is as “veal, pork + beef in a light tomato ragù”, but it’s much more than that. I ordered mine over a perfectly al dente penne pasta.

The sauce is chunky and meaty with a flavor that causes you to want to eat it all and save it for later all in the same bite. It’s a lightly done rustic tomato base with the perfect combination of the three meats and is perfectly seasoned.

The Pasta Bolognese at Local Bistro is not a side (although I guess it could be). It is the center ring, the main course and is satisfying to the palate and as a comfort food. I have tasted meat sauce all over the world and, as I type this, simply cannot wait for my next visit to LB for the Bolognese!

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