The Wild Tacos

The Dish: Wild Western Tacos
The Place: Pomegranate Cafe
The Location: 4025 E Chandler Blvd, Ste. 28 (next to Trader Joe’s)

By Val Paxton

Wild Western Tacos at Pomegranate Cafe – Back by Popular Demand
Two spelt tortillas stuffed with egg or tofu, sprouts, pico, seasonal vegetables, yukon potato, sweet potato, cheese, avocado and salsa (GFO) $12

A favorite from my first chewy mouthful, my go-to, always reliable and supremely healthy Western Tacos were one day gone. I joked that my Pomegranate experience was being severely compromised and they happily made them for me anyway. After a few days of what I can only imagine as public outcry, back on the menu they came. That’s when you know a dish is good. And it is.

Pomegranate’s Wild Western Tacos are on the breakfast side of the menu but don’t let that stop you from lunching on them. You get two and they are big. I almost always save one for dinner. And like any 100% organic, locally-sourced, non-GMO restaurant catering to a mix of vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, health-conscious clients – Pomegranate is used to making it your way. That’s why I get one with egg and one with tofu and both with dairy cheese, please.

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