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The Dishes: Tomato Bisque and Fish & Chips (Saltine crackers crusted walleye, garlic-parmesan fries, malt vinaigrette)
The Place: Market Street Kitchen (MSK)
The Location: 20825 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 480.278.7044

By: Erik Merkow

We have loved Market Street Kitchen (MSK) for some time now. The patio and bar area is one of the best in Scottsdale and their menu has evolved from an original English fusion inspiration to a wood fired rotisserie cooking, land and sea meets western roots menu! Their charcuterie boards (which has been a goto for the past year+) are among some of the best in the valley (make sure you experience this with someone who knows how to build some flavor-combonations) and their deviled eggs are a great late night snack! We also love the barrel to tap wines featured at the bar as well as the Edison Bulb lighting throughout the restaurant!

Today we tried the tomato bisque and fish & chips. The bisque is going to have us coming back in order to properly consume it with their incredible grilled cheese sandwich (see Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque on the menu). The bisque is something you need to try out especially on a chilly day or night! LOVED IT!

The Fish & Chips was bursting with the flavors of the walleye (which is by design) but I loved the saltine crackers and breadcrumbs. This is a unique twist on the traditional beer battered Fish & Chips and we fell in love with it!

MSK is one of our culinary gems you need to try out and add to your rotation for so many of the reasons we listed above. Chef Emelio Badalamenti (from NY) is doing great things with this menu and Gary the GM is so in-tuned to his guest, you’ll feel like family.

So shut down your kitchen for the night and get to Market Street Kitchen and let them do the work for you!

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