Are You A Taco Connoisseur?

The Dish: Tacos, especially the URBAN BEAN COFFEE BRAISED BEEF caramelized onion, mango jicama relish, Cotija cheese
The Place: Taco Guild
The Location: 546 East Osborn Road | Phoenix, AZ 85012

By: Erik Merkow

From Wikipedia – In the 1600s in Western Europe, master craftsmen formed exclusive clubs called Guilds. These gentlemen were considered experts in their field. Once accepted into a Guild, members were able to freely discuss similar interests and intellectual pursuits with like-minded, skilled artisans.
From Taco Guild Website – “Taco Guild embraces the tradition of the Guild as their culinary craftsmen are experts in creating unforgettable flavors. By embracing the essence of time-honored recipes, they create an experience worthy of the masters.”

We are completely in love with The Taco Guild! From the building and decor, to the location, and most importantly, the food! The Taco Guild is absolutely one of the best taco craftsmen in all of Arizona. They have mastered flavor layering, inspiring tastes, and unforgettable creations.

We have completely fell in love with the Urban Bean Coffee Braised Beef Taco. The coffee flavor in this taco is perfection! The deep flavor is infused to perfection and makes you want to go next door and try a coffee at Urban Coffee. We also tried a few other tacos like the old world chicken taco and new school Yucatan shrimp taco…simply put…incredible! We also can’t get enough of their fresh tortilla chips and salsa!

So, if you consider yourself a taco connoisseur , you aren’t truly one until you have the tacos at Taco Guild!

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Erik Merkow
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