Top 5 Underrated Breweries in Arizona

Top 5 Underrated Breweries in Arizona
By: AZ Beer Jedi -Stefan Canchola

Guess what?! “Mr. Lists” is back!!!

Today I feel compelled to weigh in on a topic recently discussed and that is the subject of underrated breweries”. According to an article earlier this year from Thrillist it turns out Flagstaff’s own Mother Road Brewing Company made the list for Arizona. Looking at the landscape of our current beer scene here in AZ I do feel like we have some quality stuff that sometimes gets forgotten about or maybe someone had a bad experience with and never gave it a second try. Without further ado here is my opinion on the top 5 most “underrated” Breweries in AZ.

5.) Mother Road Brewing Company
7 S. Mikes Pike St
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 774-9139
Tower Station IPA /Lost Highway Black IPA/ Kolsch Style-Ale.
I do believe Mother Road belongs on this list but not at #1. This North Arizona powerhouse is actually on MANY local beer lovers list of “best” or “go-to” favorites. In fact I struggled​ with excluding Mother Road from my list of Top 10 Best Breweries in AZ. At the very least it deserves a #11 entry or a guaranteed top 15!
Any brewery that has the balls and talent to can a Black IPA is pretty stellar in my book!

4.) Dubina Brewing
17036 N 67th Ave #6
Glendale, AZ 85308
(623) 412-7770
Guns N’ Goses/ Thunderbird DIPA/ Cinder Hills Black IPA/ Bell Road Blood Orange IPA
You really have to give it up to the “ole dub”.
Dubina blazed a trail for the westside when it opened up and has seen its fair share of bumps and scuffs. However, recently I was able to enjoy a fantastic event hosted by their sales rep and it felt fun and original and it was absolutely tasty. When I say I feel they’ve dialed in I mean that.
That Guns N’ Goses is solid and I love the Bell Road Orange IPA.

3.) Wanderlust Brewing Company
1519 N Main St #102
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
(928) 351-7952
One word, “sours”
Once upon a time I had a great discussion with my boy James at Craft 64. I was telling him I didn’t understand the sour crazy going on in craft beer. He plopped down a bottle from Wanderlust and in one swift drink I “got it”.

2.) Iron John’s Brewing Company
245 S Plumer Ave #27
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 775-1727
Porters & Stouts!!
A couple things about this one. One: I absolutely love Tucson. Two: did you guys know I favor stouts above all styles of beer? Next time you visit your local reputable bottleshop do yourself a favor and ask for Iron John’s. You’ll be amazed at the variety!

1.) Lochiel Brewing
7143 E Southern Ave #131
Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 666-0915
“They only do certain styles of beer
Once upon a time in a land saturated with domestic/ light yellow/ tasteless/pilsner/ lager/ all watered-down and produced via the lowest quality ingredients a resistance was born. The want for more, the want for taste/ flavor/ full body/ variety/ and most important, quality. At times craft beer begins to fall victim to trends and a fear to be different. Enter Lochiel Brewing. Stationed as the current most eastern outpost for beer in the greater valley area Lochiel’s focus has not been to brew every style known and then some but to brew a few, to the best of their ability. The complaint I hear most is also their greatest strength. If you have the palate that appreciates quality in what the attempt is then Lochiel is your spot!

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