New Beer Release: Bad Boy Wally

The Brewery:
Wren House Brewing Company
2125 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008
The Beer:
Bad Boy Wally Triple IPA
The Release:
10am this Saturday January 20th at the brewery
$22 per 4-pack (limit two 4-packs per person)

Rule breakers. Every era and industry has them. They are the proverbial “thorn in the side” to rule makers and enforcers and more times than not they are my favorite kind of people. To clarify, I’m not talking about chaos for the sake of aimless anarchy. No, I’m talking about disruptive action with purpose and intent. A mentality that will not accept defeat and embraces a way of thinking that is not limited to preconceived ideas of contrived boundaries just because someone else said “you can’t do it that way” or “that can’t be done”.

For decades craft beer, it’s drinkers, makers, and supporters has been engaged in a global rebellion, a revolution if you will, highlighting the fact that more and more people want what big beer has tried to convince us that we don’t want: flavor, variety and experimentation.

Right here in our own backyard of Phoenix the number of breweries currently open and soon-to-be opening stands as a testament to the strength and resolve of this movement. Positioned among the most celebrated of these breweries stands Wren House Brewing Company located in the heart of Phoenix. In its relatively brief time on the scene Wren House has carved out an established and well deserved place among the most acclaimed and sought-after beer in Arizona. From moment they opened Wren House came out swinging and have made every blow count.

This high level of execution was on full display in November of 2017 when Wren House released their biggest IPA to date: the highly acclaimed and frantically sought-after Triple IPA “Good Boy Wally” a hazy, dank, tropical monster measuring a hard-hitting yet deceiving 10% ABV. I can still recall the fandom and beer enthusiasts all clamoring for a can or taste of this truly magical nectar from heaven aka Wren House.

Well, take heart if you missed that release or you made the release but your coveted beer is now all gone. I have some incredible news to share with you.

This weekend Wren House is bringing the heat yet again and I don’t know how they managed to do this but they have actually brewed for you a beer even bigger and well, badder! Building on the success and blueprint established with previous releases the bar has been set yet again and this time it seems impossibly high. Employing a fleet of hops which include Columbus, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic and a new hop Enigma, the new and second Triple IPA to be released by Wren House, “Bad Boy Wally” delivers all your wildest hazy and juicy fantasies in a glass that is guaranteed to send shockwaves among beer drinkers and brewers alike for its sheer power and awesomeness. Clocking in an ABV of 11.2% there will probably be some who will have something negative to contribute to the conversation that undoubtedly will be going on for quite some time about how incredible the beer is and I promise you those people will be jealous that they didn’t think of it first. Sometimes to be first you gotta break some rules. I’m grateful Wren House likes to break some every now and then.

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