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Return of the Chocolossus

A being of high ABV and amazing chocolate taste once ruled Untappd check-ins around the state of Arizona. But such power rarely leads to contentment… A dispute amongst beer nerds, each clamoring for that one great barrel aged stout, caused the mighty Chocolossus to seemingly vanish from this plane of existence. The last vestiges of his power were hoarded in the backs of fridges and talked about in hushed whispers around the countertops of bottle shares. The once mighty Chocolossus became but a legend to the taste buds of those unlucky souls who failed to try it in the days of yore.

Many months have passed since the last sighting of Chocolossus. Countless beers have been released with various flavors. But now, a long lost barrel of Chocolossus has returned. Beer lovers rejoice! The time is now… for Final Anniversary III: Return of the Chocolossus!

Getting Started

8-Bit Aleworks is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and you’re invited! Saturday, April 7th starting at noon, prepare for a day of fun and plenty of awesome items to pick up day of.

There are two kinds of loot that you can acquire when attending Final Anniversary III: merch and beer.

  • Merch shows other beer lovers you are a true fan of 8-Bit Aleworks and its high quality craft beer. For one day only, you can acquire a special limited edition growler. They’re stainless steel, vacuum sealed, and 2 liters in size with a unique anniversary logo emblazoned. There are only 100 in stock so if you want your chance to own one better get to 8-Bit early!
  • Beers (aka health potions) will be plentiful for this event. Ryan, the sage master brewer of 8-Bit, has planned over 30 beers for release throughout the day. Fair warning, many of these will be in extremely limited quantities and thus be on a staggered release schedule throughout the day.

Special Relics (aka Special Release Beers)

This is where things go to the next level. And what’s an in-depth player’s guide without a special unlock or two? Here are a few special releases I have on good authority will be highlights of Final Anniversary III.

  • Final Aleiversary III – west coast style IPA with hops from the last two Final Aleiversary batches
  • Chocolate Chai Mage – 8-Bit’s Black Mage with additions of chocolate and chai
  •  Legend of Pina Colada – Legend of Zymur with pineapple and coconut
  • Offensive Tanooki IPA – hacked with Fruity Pebbles.
  • Hopsassin’s Creed – with honeydew and cantaloupe

And we will see the last 5 gallons of Barrel Aged Mayan Chocolossus on tap that day!

Be sure and follow the event page 8-Bit Aleworks 3 Year Anniversary! (Final Anniversary III) for the latest updates on new beers for the event, sneak peek on merch, and other special announcements. Also, check out 8-Bit Aleworks on Facebook and Instagram. And if you make it out to the festivities, be sure and say hey, as I will be there enjoying the amazing hacked beers as 8-Bit releases them, one by delicious one

It’s dangerous to go alone. So bring a friend, and don’t miss out on Final Anniversary III at 8-Bit Aleworks this Saturday!




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