Sonoma Pride: Beer for a Cause at AZ Wilderness

Week before last, the Wilderness Boys, announced they will be releasing “Sonoma Pride” on Thursday, the 26th.

This release was born out of a conversation with Vinnie Cilurzo, owner of Russian River Brewing Co., in response to the devastating fires which recently shook the Sonoma and Napa Valley area.

100% of the proceeds from Sonoma Pride will be donated to the fund raising partnership between the King Ridge Foundation and Russian River. More info on the fundraiser can be found at

An official announcement from AZ Wilderness, with more details for the event on the 26th, was released, yesterday, on their facebook page.

Here’s the full text from their initial Instagram post, in case you missed it.

Earlier today, the great Vinnie Cilurzo the owner of Russian River Brewing Co. and myself spoke of the horrible tragedy happening in Sonoma County this week.
They feel so hopeless in the area affected. He made me aware that devastation is larger and more immense than the news is even reporting.
He understands that there are so many worthy causes, but this one has completely devastated the community of Santa Rosa.
We will be brewing our version of “Sonoma Pride” and tapping this beer Thursday Oct 26th. 100% of the proceeds will go to Vinnie’s choice’s “King Ridge Foundation”.  Jared Veldheer of the Cardinals will be off for the NFL bye-week and is gathering his resources to add to the cause. More details to follow.

I am getting this news out now so we can band together as Arizonans and let the people of Sonoma County know we have thier back during a time of GREAT loss.
Vinnie himself is safe, but many people and staff members have lost EVERYTHING. Down to ashes.
Stay tuned as this info will switch the the Wilderness social media.
I greatly appreciate the help with making the 26th a kick ass event. Stay tuned for official details. Thank you.

We all have an opportunity to help out a good cause; let’s show what AZ can do. See you on the 26th!

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