BeerDoir You Ready For This?!?!

2018 BeerDoir Calendar Release Party
Thursday December 21st
The Shop Beer Co.
922 W 1st St
Tempe, AZ  85281
Or you can order them online here

A major key to boudoir style photography is that the style is more suggestive rather than explicit and today more than ever I cannot express my gratitude for this built-in filter. The last words I want to put together in the same sentence are “Dave”, “Dylan”, “Jason” and “explicit”. The level of comfort and harmony they express as Dave pours bubble water on Dylan makes me feel weird. Real weird. But I keep repeating to myself “Its for a good cause. Its for a good cause. Its for a good cause”.

Irony would have it that last year I was at The Shop Beer Co. for a lunch beer at the exact moment that they received the file for the calendar pictures and the bartender showed us the calendar pictures on their menu TV including The Shop guys enjoying a nice warm weird bubble bath inside the mash tun (what is with these guys and bubbles?). I laughed so hard that I almost puked. I hope it was the laughter. Lets just say it was the laughter. For real, it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen: a bunch of bearded mens men bearing it all, or least most of it thank God for a really good cause.

What concerned me the most was the level of comfort and joy each dude had when posing for this calendar. I’ll tell you this: the 2018 calendar is no different. Actually, they might be getting more comfortable. And that’s a good thing because this calendar has a really great purpose behind it. The proceeds from the sales of this calendar go toward helping members of the Arizona craft beer community in need. Last year the proceeds went toward helping Beer Research Institute co-owner Greg Sorrels cover the  costs associated with his wives battle against brain cancer. Sadly, Theresa Sorrels lost her battle in September of 2016.

Although humorous (and in many cases, hilarious) this calendar exemplifies the level of love that exists in the Arizona craft beer community. There are nearly 100 independent craft breweries in Arizona but there is very little unhealthy competition. Of course there is camaraderie because who wants to have the SECOND best IPA in the state? This type of dynamic breeds innovations and a better product but they all have the common cause of putting Arizona independent craft beer on the map as a craft beer destination.  If this risque calendar helps in any way then I am behind it 100%.

To get this calendar make sure you are The Shop Beer Co. in Tempe this coming Thursday December 21st, 2017 between 6pm and 9pm to pick one up in person. If you want to pre-purchase the calendar you can get a ticket to do so here. You can also order the calendar here and have it shipped to you. But don’t you want to go to The Shop and hang out with some cool people and drink some awesome beer? Of course you do. Do it. You won’t regret it.

Special shoutout to Mikel Anne Photography for the awesome pictures! 

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