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Collaborations – Arizona Beer Week

Featured image above beautifully drawn by Marc Semler of Helton fame and founder of the Blue Pint Society. They have an event February 24th at Helton to help raise money to benefit Testicular Cancer Awareness

I’m a guy that likes to be prepared. When I get into things I want to know the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) as much as possible. So for AZ Beer Week, I have tried to do just that. From Facebook to Instagram, I’ve been pulling posts from breweries, bottle shops, and others to come up with a compilation of collaboration beers happening right here in Arizona. My criteria for this list was collaborations happening within Arizona only, will release during Arizona Beer Week, and I could dig up at least some information on. I’m sure I have inevitably missed a few so be sure to follow as many breweries as you can on their social media to prevent any slipping through the cracks.

Photo Credit: Ryan Sandlin

Wren House + Pueblo Vida – hoppy beer – “Just Friends”
One of a few Tucson to Phoenix collaborations happening for Arizona Beer Week, “Just Friends” looks to be a hoppy beer from all accounts, something these two breweries have been doing very well on their own. The other exciting factor is the can art for this! PV and Wren have been making their cans not only contain great beer, but amazingly eye catching thanks to stellar designs. Excited to see how these cans will pop inside and out.


Wren House + Superstition Meadery – Double IPA – Colony Collapse

This time Wren House is getting a bit of help from some buddies up North. The world renowned Superstition Meadery is helping cook up a hazy Double IPA with locally sourced Arizona citrus zest, which will be heavily dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo. Wren describes this as “straight citrus juice.” Cans are dropping this Saturday, February 3rd at 8 AM. If you want this before it’s gone, I highly suggest getting there before 8 AM and lining up. Wren House releases typically go fast and with a big time collab like this it could go even quicker.

Helton + Dark Sky Brewing – Black Lime Gose
There are several North to South Arizona collaborations on this list but this might just be the most unique. The rumblings I’m hearing on this one is it’s “Asian influenced” and looks to be brewed with sake yeast. What’s interesting about that is sake is fermented at a much lower temperature than most beers. This slower and colder fermentation is said to elicit more favorable aromas. Excited to see exactly where Helton and Dark Sky go with this one!

Goldwater + Dark Sky – Stout (maybe barrel aged?)
A stout that could possibly be barrel aged? Sign me up either way! Dark Sky is continuing their AZ Beer Week tour (they have the most collaborations on this list) with Goldwater Brewing Company out of Scottsdale. Goldwater has a nice barrel aged program going down, and it also has the perfect spot to hold it all with in their underground taproom called the “Goldmine.” Recently coming off of their “Highly Stratisfied” can release they don’t seem to be slowing down with the new releases and what better brew partners than the mad scientists of Dark Sky Brewing?!

Goldwater + Helton – Red Velvet Cake Imperial Stout
I’ve been told this one is “something dark and tasty.”  The guys from Helton and Goldwater are describing this beer to have serious notes of chocolate and vanilla with a velvet like body and light roast malt flavor. This is hitting cans and draft on February 9th at both brewery locations. Be sure and follow both breweries on social media for more details.

Beer Research Institute + 12 West – Double New England IPA – “Did You Just Assume My IBU’s?
Beer Research Institute is another brewery going all out for AZ Beer Week with 4 different collaborations set to takeover. This first one is sure to bring the haze cravers out in force. Teaming up with an IPA specialist like 12 West should make this a fruity hop bomb everyone will be talking about. I would expect nothing less from the creators of K-Lax and 480G.

Grand Canyon + Beer Research Institute – Brett IPA – “Meme Wars”
This should be another fun one for hop heads. Grand Canyon Brewery and Beer Research Institute are advertising this as Brett, which makes me think this will be on the funkier side of things. The Brett style is more of a wild ale with the amount of fruit to funk  varying with what should be a good amount of hops.

Beer Research Institute  + Dark Sky – Imperial Stout with Cholaca, Raspberries, and Donuts – “”
The description alone screams jelly filled donut in liquid form. Beer Research Institute and Dark Sky Brewing never shy away from big beers with punched up flavor. This one is sure to be a dessert beer above all else, and I’m very excited to get this on draft during the “Collabazona Tap Takeover” event that Beer Research Institute is doing February 16th to showcase all 4 of their collaborations for AZ Beer Week.

8-Bit Aleworks + Beer Research Institute – Belgian Quad brewed with Figs – “Cyril Figgis”
Beer Research Institute knows its way around a Belgian. Look at Lolli, Dubbel Negative, and Danger Noodle as evidence. I’m excited to see 8-Bit adding their “hacking” expertise to this collab. Expect a solid Belgian infused with all kinds of fig flavor. Bonus points for the “Archer” nod in the beer name!

Grand Canyon + 12 West + Bottleshop 48 – Kettle Sour – “Tommy’s Lullaby”
Grand Canyon Brewery is describing this as tribute to 90’s in kettle sour form. Maybe we’ll see the release party happen at Bottleshop 48? They’ve had some fun sour tasting events in the past! With 12 West involved I’m expecting some fruity goodness that’ll please the palate.

12 West + Dark Sky – Double IPA
Look out! Locally sourced citrus combines with the 12 West and Dark Sky to form a Double IPA that is sure to be crushable.  Ruby red grapefruit and tangelos from The Farm at Agritopia, an organic farm in Gilbert, were added into this bad boy. AZ Beer Week won’t be short of hops or fruit flavors with beer like this!

AZ Women’s Collab Brew – Hazy Oatmeal IPA – Murder She Oat
Very special collab here as women from across Arizona came together at Lumberyard Brewing Company in Flagstaff to brew a beer specially for AZ Beer Week. This was their 2nd annual brew day and what they turned out is a hazy oatmeal IPA. Excited to try this out! Strong Beer Fest maybe? Let’s make it happen ladies!

Kings Beer & Wine + Tombstone – Hazy Double IPA – “All Aboard the Hype Train”
Always cool to see tap and bottle shops link up with a brewery for a special release, and Kings Beer & Wine did just that with Tombstone Brewing Company! Tombstone says they “put an irresponsible amount” of hops into this beer. With the craze surrounding IPAs that never seems to lose steam, the name couldn’t fit more! Look for this on tap at Kings on February 8th for their kickoff to AZ Beer Week event and cans will soon follow.

Scottsdale Beer Company + Earn Your Booze – Saison
Get pumped for this! For Strong Beer Fest the guys at Scottsdale Beer Company and Earn Your Booze came together for this saison with blueberries and lemongrass. You can find this at the festival under the Earn Your Booze tent to drink up and participate in their pull-up contest, so you can literally earn your booze!

Crooked Tooth Brewing + Thunder Canyon Brewstillery – Pineapple Gose
There is an underrepresented style making an appearance for AZ Beer Week thanks to some folks out of Tucson. Crooked Tooth Brewing partnered up with Thunder Canyon Brewstillery for a pineapple gose! Expect a light fruity beer with some tart bite. Excited to taste how much the pineapple shines on this one. Follow both groups on Instagram to get the latest on where this will be tapping.

Tap That AZ + Dark Sky – Blueberry Hazy Double IPA – Tap That Azul
To round out my list, we’ve got the collab kings of Dark Sky (seriously these guys are everywhere) teaming up with Tap That AZ Podcast for a blueberry bomb of an IPA. I’ve seen some posts on Facebook that the blueberry really comes through on this one. Be sure to follow Tap That AZ Podcast as they’ll keep you updated on where this is getting tapped.

1912 Brewing + Uncle Bear’sAnother Tucson to Phoenix collab brew for AZ Beer Week that they’re saying is “like magic.” To catch this one hit up 1912 Brewing down in Tucson Saturday, February 10th. For more info as we get closer to the event, be sure and follow both breweries on social media.

So there you have it, my working list of craft beer collaborations for AZ Beer Week. Are there any on this list that you’re looking forward to or have to try? Be sure and follow all of the breweries mentioned above so you don’t miss out on any future releases within our great state of craft beer!

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