My AZ Beer Week Dream Tour by Joel Flowers

Dream Tour for AZ Beer Week 2018

When I was first offered this opportunity to write my “Dream Tour” for AZ Beer Week 2018, weirdly enough the first thing that popped into my head was the song “Fantastic Voyage” by Lakeside. For those of you who have never heard the song it goes something like:

“Hey, come on, come along take a ride.
There’s a party over there that ain’t no jive.
It’s live, live, it’s all the way live.
Don’t even have to walk, don’t even have to drive.”

And for AZ Beer Week 2018 it’s looking as if there’s going to be one big live craft beer party across the state. So if I had it my way, here’s my “Dream Tour” of the week’s festivities regardless of time, location, or order.

Adventure Desert Dining – Cloth + Flame Beer Dinner with Huss Brewing – Thursday, February 8th
A Thursday night under the stars with a specially curated dinner and delicious Huss beer?! Consider me intrigued! Kicking off the week on a more extravagant note with this unique dining experience that’s a collaboration between outdoor dining company Cloth & Flame and Phoenix’s own Huss Brewing. The menu has yet to be announced, but space is limited so if you want to start beer week off with a bang this might be the best way to do it by getting your ticket sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: Kate Nelle

2018 Bear Arms Imperial Stout & S’Mores Release – Saturday, February 10th
I have yet to make it up to Flagstaff, which is a great excuse for a weekend drive to Historic Barrel + Bottle House for this release party! A big imperial stout, sweet s’mores, and a Saturday night of cool mountain air sound like quite the combo.

Photo Credit: Historic Barrel + Bottle Instagram

Strong Beer Festival 2018 – Saturday, February 10th
I have already purchased tickets for this one so the dream is a reality! The flagship event of AZ Beer Week is Saturday afternoon in Phoenix. 400+ beers on tap and unique brews with timed tappings will certainly make a memorable afternoon of drinking a variety of styles with your buds. If you spring for the VIP, you can get in an hour and a half early for shorter lines at your favorite breweries’ tents!

Photo Credit: Arizona Craft Brewers Guild

Dragoon Brewing Co. Ping Pong Tournament – Monday, February 12th
I am a sucker for some ping pong. If I’m at a bar or brewery, and see an open table with some paddles, it is on like Donkey Kong. When Monday night rolls around you’ll find me with a Whetstone Wheat (Dragoon’s Hefeweizen) in one hand and a paddle in the other.

Photo Credit: Some Random Stock Photo Website

Beer Hacking 101 – Tuesday, February 13th
As a gamer in my personal life, 8-Bit Aleworks has always impressed me with their melding of quality craft beer and video gaming theme. Head Brewer, Ryan Whitten, is a mad genius of beer brewing and this event looks to have you play a part in his delicious liquid madness. 8-Bit has what they call “hacked” beer every Tuesday, but for AZ Beer Week you get to “hack” your own beer! Choosing from a variety of ingredients, you’ll get to infuse unique flavor into the beer you drink right there on the spot. Besides being some hands on fun, it’s also a cool teaching course on how adjuncts can change the taste of your favorite beers in surprising ways.

Photo Credit: Tap That AZ Podcast

Huss Brewing Ro Sham Beaux Competition at Tap & Bottle – Downtown – Saturday, February 17th
I’m rounding out my list with some more fun down in Tucson. Tap & Bottle is opening their doors to all those that think they can Ro Sham Beaux (Rock Paper Scissors) with the best of them. Huss beers will be flowing during the competition to see who comes out on top. Beer list has yet to be posted, but I if I had to guess, you’ll probably see Huss’ own hoppy Ro Sham Beaux make an appearance…

Photo Credit: Some Random Stock Photo Website

So there you have it! My “Dream Tour” for AZ Beer Week 2018. A fantastic voyage across Arizona of quality craft beer, exciting events, and unforgettable memories. Hopefully my list inspires you to make your own! For a full list of events be sure and check out, which has all the details.

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