I Found The Beef!!!

The Dish: Italian Beef Sandwich and Chicago Style Hot Dog
The Place: Portillos
The Location: 10574 N. 90th St. Scottsdale AZ 85258 (90th St. at Shea Blvd.) 480-451-2888

By: Erik Merkow

Do you remember the famous Wendys commercial “Where’s the Beef” where the old lady keeps yelling “where’s the beef” as they are all looking at a ridiculously sized competitors hamburger? Guess what? I found the beef today and it wasn’t in the form of a hamburger…it was an Italian beef sandwich at Portillos on Shea and the 101! It was by far the best beef sandwich I’ve ever tasted. There was a perfect amount of juices absorbed by what seemed to be a perfectly backed bun along with the best sweet peppers i’ve ever tasted. I’m telling you this sandwich was damn near perfect in every way, even down to the size. My mouth is watering just writing this!

I also had to try what I thought they were most famous for, their Chicago style hotdogs and there was no letting down here either. Usually my favorite dogs are at the ball park with nothing EVER comparing to a grilled Dodger Dog (which for a time you had to go all the way to the top of the stadium where there was only one grill that made them and a VERY long line), but this dog knocked it out of the park! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anything can beat a Dodger Dog, but Portillos is a very close second for me!

If you’re from Chicago, you probably know all about Portillos, if you’re not and you love a good dog and/or one of the best beef sandwiches ever…get over to Portillos so you can yell…”I found the beef!!”

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