Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it…in North Scottsdale

The Dish: Table-side Guacamole, Almejas Al Vapor, Crispy Pork & Cola Lime Glazed Pork Belly, Pork Should Tacos, and Pumpkin Bread Pudding
The Place: The Mission Az, Kierland
The Location: Scottsdale Kierland Commons (South entrance by Sur La Table)

Your mission (you wonderful readers) should you choose to accept it (you’re crazy if you don’t), is get your butts to the new Mission in Scottsdale Kierland! It’s now open!!  If you haven’t been to the Mission in Old Town (I’ll just assume you’ve been living under a rock), you can now do so at their newest location in Kierland Commons in north Scottsdale!  This beautifully designed restaurant is just a few doors down from Sur La Table.  Their original goal was to open in Fall of 2016, but obviously a little delayed but well worth the wait.  The interior is stunning starting with the crystal chandeliers hanging down in the main dining room to the salt block stairs leading up to the additional upstairs bar and patio areas and a beautiful downstairs bar that’s sure to ignite a later late night scene that north Scottsdale historically has been used to (at least we hope so!).

When we visited this weekend, we had to enjoy a few staples starting with the tableside guacamole.  We believe the Mission is the innovator of the tableside service and has this already mastered with their new staff. Next we tried for the first time the Almejas Al Vapor, Peruvian clam stew, rock shrimp, chorizo, pan de yucca, aji amarillo & roasted corn.  This soup was packed with so many wonderful flavors, I found myself getting every little bite left sucked up with my bread slices.  Then, on to the sensational Crispy Pork & Cola Lime Glazed Pork Belly sitting beautifully on a slice of iceberg lettuce making for a great treat before the main dish!  And for the main dish, we had to stay in the pork family and order the Pork Shoulder 12 hour smoked and braised Tacos. I love how the tortillas are presented on a beautiful salt block which…we learned that night to take advantage of by rubbing your tortilla on it before you construct your taco!  Mouthwatering as I type…  The last dish was yet another spectacular creation that we highly recommend you finish your visit with, the Pumpkin Bread Pudding!  Yes, I love everything pumpkin which made this dessert irresistible.  I’m willing to bet whatever News Years diet you’re on, you’ll be incapable of only having one bite of this decadent dish!

Hats off to Matt Carter who is a culinary creative genius and the rest of the Mission team for bringing this gift to North Scottsdale.

As usual, should you or any member of your mission team be captured, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence.  This tape will self-destruct in five second.  Good luck wonderful readers! 😉

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