Go North / Bar North -The Kierland Quarter Crawl


The Dish: Zucca Chips, Meatballs, and Chopped Chicken Salad
The Place: North/Bar North
The Location: Kierland Scottsdale, Scottsdale Road and Greenway

By: Linda Binnendyk Kondrosky

As all Scottsdalians know, there are two sides to Scottsdale, Arizona. Old Town Scottsdale and the Northern Bubble. While Old Town has a very unique charm to it with many interesting restaurants, I have to say that Bar North in the Kierland Commons (Northern Bubble) is what I consider, my happy place. Let me validate that comment for you. As a former flight attendant, I have enjoyed many a glass of sangria on La Rambla in Barcelona, enjoyed a glass (or two) of Chianti in the hills of Tuscany and lovingly enjoyed pasta pomodoro by the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy. However the back patio at Bar North in the Kierland Commons is, as I mentioned, my happy place. It’s is a place where you can enjoy food that you will later crave with amazing service and a view with statuesque palm trees and a water feature that provides great people watching.
Let me paint a picture for you. It’s late Saturday morning…. You and your love have the day to yourselves. You get dressed in Scottsdale Casual, which, [although this will shock many], does not mean the Lululemon uniform. Once you arrive at Kierland Commons, park your car, enjoy some shopping and you’ve worked up an appetite, make your way to Bar North.
May I suggest a crisp white wine (Barone Fini is my favorite Pinot Grigio there) to start, it’s the perfect combination with a Bar North must try….Zucca Chips. The salty, melt in your mouth, zucchini chips are the perfect start while you sip your wine and peruse the menu. The next ‘must try’ is their meatballs. On a daily basis I crave their meatballs which are perfect for sharring. I don’t want to rush you though. You’ll want to take your time, enjoy your company and the view around you. This is the place where you take a moment and breathe.
Once you are ready, you really can’t go wrong with any menu items. From their flavorful salads, sandwiches and pizza’s to their handmade pastas you have so many choices. My favorite, however, is their Chopped Chicken salad. It is the perfect combination of texture and flavor.
Personally, I could sit there all afternoon, drink wine, eat mouthwatering food, enjoy my company and people watch….wait, I think I already have.

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