Back to the Fate-Ture: Candy Bar Milk Stout Preview

The Beer: Candy Bar Milk Stout (6.0% ABV, Available on 10.26.2015)
The Place: Fate Brewing Company South
The Location: 1312 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ

By: Blake M. Wilson

Reminisce with me, will you, about a halfway decent story written of a brewery opening up in south Scottsdale. A prodigal brewer attempts to change the community with a new location, providing the best beers from across the state and his own brew tanks in back. No? You don’t remember? How about some memory hustling?

It’s about that time for an update, especially considering the imminent return of their 2013 award winning speciality beer, the Candy Bar Milk Stout.

Upon my arrival to chat with our hero/owner, Steve McFate, I find that the Candy Bar Milk Stout is still being finalized. Perfection clearly takes some time.

The elusive Candy Bar Milk Stout is made with hints of honey roasted peanuts, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and a touch of sea salt. This beer is the brewing equivalent to that pretty girl that never called me back in high school, except this time, I shall succeed in getting her…uh…it!

A prosperous couple month later, Fate Brewing Co. South is barely meeting the demands for their high end beers, enough so that Steve’s ordered 3 new tanks to keep up.

“The nights and weekends have been way more packed than we expected,” Steve tells me over a couple the refreshing, yet hoppy Fate New Standard IPA. “We’re selling beer as fast as we can brew it.”

Luckily, faster than I can drink it. Since my preview, I’ve attended Fate three times, bringing new beer fans each time to show them the magic of Fate. I’m basically a human Urban Spoon, except all I do is suggest Fate Brew Co.

As for the 6.0% ABV fall beer of my dreams, the Candy Bar Milk Stout has received an excited reception.

“Lot’s of questions. Lot’s of excitement,” Steve tells me. “The biggest I’ve been asked is how much more of it will we produce this year?”

Last year, at Fate Brewing Company North, Candy Bar Milk Stout only filled up about 7 days worth of glasses. This year, at the much bigger location in the South AND the original Fate North, cups, growlers and taps will flow for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how fierce the reception will be. My guess is 2.

Considering the ingredients and the sheer amounts of each, the beer is a very expensive one to make, yet Steve insists on keeping the price of the pints the same as any other. Despite the thin margins, Steve refers to the brew as a “celebration of the season”.

For the enthusiasts and collectors of Arizona’s burgeoning microbrew, special edition growlers will be available, but limited to one 64oz. or two 32oz. jugs per person. Grab them early and quickly. Maybe think about wearing a moustache and coming back for more.

Monday, October 26th at 11AM is the date and time to mark on your calendar, which I believe condones drinking alcohol at 11 on a Monday. I don’t make the rules. I simply abide.

See you Monday at Fate for some solid beer quaffing.

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