Earn Your Booze at Strong Beer Fest

By Justin Cross

Earn Your Booze is proud to have teamed up with Scottsdale Beer Co to create a beer for the AZ Strong Beer Festival. What is Earn Your Booze (EYB)?

EYB is the brainchild of Justin Cross @the_alpha_ale and Elliott Clark @apartment_bartender. Earn Your Booze is a lifestyle brand that bridges the gap between drinking and fitness. Justin & Elliott are both heavily involved in the “booze industries” with Justin brewing beer at his house and Elliott creating cocktails and booze content around the globe.
I (Justin) am writing this article to explain what EYB is and what we are doing at the AZ Strong Beer Festival.

The goal of EYB is remind drinkers like myself to take care of themselves and “earn” their beers and drinks etc. It is very easy to get excited about all the new beers coming out in Arizona (especially since we have some of the best breweries in the country) and drink every day of the week. As much fun as this is (and delicious) this lifestyle of drinking and smashing bar snacks before bed is not good for the body. Beers contain sugar, calories and carbs that can easily be converted into fat. Smash a bag of Doritos and a pepperoni pizza before bed after a DIPA and your body has no option but to start storing all those macros as fat. The body is a very adaptive machine and over time, the previously described lifestyle starts to take a toll on the body. I have been there. I spent a solid year straight brewing, drinking and doing everything possible in the beer industry 24/7. My abs disappeared and my muscles dwindled for the first time in my adult life. Why? Because I didn’t have the “earn it” mentality.

I became much happier when I learned how to include drinking in my balanced “healthier” lifestyle. I have stuck with the “Earn Your Booze” mentality now for a few years which has allowed me to consume craft beers, cocktails, mead, wine and burgers but still feel healthy and maintain a pool ready body. Don’t take this is bragging because that is the opposite message I am bringing to you today.

EYB is going to show you how to Earn Your Booze, live healthier, feel better, live longer all while being the beer drinking, brewing, reviewing, picture taking pros that we are. Stay tuned for a new website in the next few weeks featuring all sorts of people that subscribe to the EYB lifestyle, info on how to earn it, and plenty of fun, entertaining content.

Alright, enough of the fitness talk. This article is about BEER!

I have been brewing now for about 3 years. I jumped into all-grain brewing from Day 1 and have brewed on multiple homebrew setups as well as 3bbl and 10bbl commercial systems. I am by no means a pro but I think I have a couple brews that are homeruns.

The AZ Strong Beer Festival has always been one of my favorite festivals in Arizona. I have met some great people and had some fantastic beer at this event. I always knew that that the AZ Strong Beer Festival was a festival I wanted to be a part of and serve beer at.

Since I am still working on my brewery name with the US Trademark office (Ironside Brewing) and EYB has taken off, we decided to release some EYB beer this year. Doug, Brad and Scott from Scottsdale Beer Co are some awesome dudes and they agreed to do a collaboration brew with Earn Your Booze for this festival. One of my favorite and most popular homebrews is a blueberry, lemongrass blonde ale so I suggested that we use that idea as a starting point for the collaboration brew. Brad and Scott liked the idea and ended brewing a fantastic tart saison that we then added blueberries and lemongrass to to create a Blueberry Lemongrass Tart Saison at 7.3% ABV!

Our beer tent will be right next to Scottsdale Beer Co this Saturday. We will be pouring the Blueberry Lemongrass Saison, selling apparel (reminders to earn your booze) and hosting a pullup contest for prizes!

Stop by the booth and say what’s up! If you wear EYB apparel to the festival we will have a free EYB koozie for you at the tent.

Follow us on IG @earnyourbooze and stay tuned for a new website, new apparel and more beers this year!


Justin Cross

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