Rock My Belly!

The Dish: The “Cash” – Serrate poached chicken, Tillamook cheese blend, shredded cabbage, cilantro cream, and chipotle aioli served on corn tortilla
The Place: Rock A Belly Food Truck
The Location: Check Here

Checking out the Scottsdale Super Bowl Fan Fest today we were thrilled to find a dedicated food truck area towards the south west corner of the event. There were 4 trucks parked and all on a rotation thoughout the festival, so there will be plenty of options to try.

Today we tried Rock A Belly created by owner/chef Jordan Murray. Pulled from their website…”rockabelly strives to serve perfection with each item on the menu, offering a wide range of Local and Global flavors. Everything is scratch made with premium local products & never gmo’s, by products or preservatives, Offering the best in local and seasonal produce, while catering to dietary and vegetarian needs.” We had to try out The “Cash” and of course so happy we did! This serrate poached chicken was phenomenal, add to it the Tillamook cheese blend, cilantro cream and chipotle aioli, and it’s a flavor explosion in your mouth that you will not forget anytime soon! Check out this local video for a better feel (click here).

Check the location link above to find out where Rock A Belly is throughout the week. This truck is absolutely rocking the food truck movement here in Phoenix …find it so it can Rock Your Belly!

Drink well and eat happy!

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