“Mmmm Doughnuts (insert Homer Simpsons voice)”

The Dish: The Doughnuts
The Place: Rollover Doughnuts
The Location: 1o W Vernon Phoenix, AZ 85003

Today we fulfilled our culinary civic duty by heading over to Rollover Doughnuts in downtime Phoenix and taste testing some of their incredibly flavorful creations in this emerging specialty doughnut making industry.

The small building is a bit off the beaten path, but it’s so worth going out of your way to find it. The walk up window features these beautifully created doughnuts parked on an angle in the window featured next to each of the wonderful creations the store has to offer. I am a very visual person, and these doughnuts made my mouth water from the moment I saw them. My favorites being the Maple Glaze with Candied Bacon and The Bear with Smoked Gouda, Bacon Doughnut filled with Peanut Butter Custard and toped with a Sweat BBQ Glaze and Crackerjacks (yes…I just described that!). Their doughnuts are a flavor explosion for your eyes and wonderfully so, your mouth! By the way, make sure you try The Bear made with all the same ingredient but on a hotdog at Rollovers Parent company Short Leash See our previous article “Life is Better with a Dog”
Make sure you get some coffee with your doughnut as well, they serve a great cup there too!

I would love to visit Rollover Doughnuts with Homer Simpson so I could hear him over and over go “mmm doughnuts!”

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