Life is Better with a Dog!

The Dish: Bear Dog, Deep Fried Pickles, and The Sunny
The Place: Short Leash
The Location: 110 East Roosevelt Street Phoenix Arizona 480.620.8479

We’ve all heard the saying “Life is better with a dog.”, and this saying has never been more true after visiting Short Leash in Downtown Phoenix. We haven’t experienced anything quite like this amazing restaurant. After asking what was their signature dishes (to which about half the menu was shared, and rightfully so!), we landed on the three listed above. So here we go…

First the deep fried pickles…absolutely one of the best apps we’ve ever had! The cut and fried pickles are marinated in sugar and jalapeños (I believe Brad the owner said) for a week! We could not stop until the dish was absent of any part of a pickle.

Next was the Sunny…we added fried green tomatoes to the grilled seasonal fruit, prosciutto, mixed greens, goat cheese,honey & cracked pepper served on naan with a chicken wiener. This was an absolute flavor explosion in my mouth (insert watering mouth!)

And last is the Bear Dog by Blake M Wilson (we have to give credit where credit is due)
“If it’s still on the menu, it has to be pretty good!”
I find myself telling that to all my buddies through all the judging stares as I chow down on my bear dog from Short Leash, but there’s a lot of truth in that statement.
Out arrives my spicy beer wiener, smothered in barbecue, gouda, bacon, cracker jacks and (You guessed it!) peanut butter.
The confliction between all the flavors causes all the necessary tastes and textures to be met. Salty, tangy, sweet, bitter, crunchy and juicy. All served up on a fluffy flatbread.
Deliciousness and Short Leash go together like peanut butter and barbecue.

So if you think you have a favorite dog, we challenge you to go see for yourself. You will sit and stay…then come back for more…and bring your dog!

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