Dubina Anniversary Ale – Making a Case for the “Westside”

By Stefan Canchola aka AZ Beer Jedi
Every day that passes here in Arizona is another day of growth and expansion. This is especially the case when it comes to craft beer. As is often the case in any field, the person to first embark on a mission is often met with scorn and disapproval since the majority can not yet appreciate the vision and possibility of what the trailblazer is aiming for. This is no more true than in the case of Dubina Brewing Company in Glendale.
Going where no one had dared gone before, Dubina had the audacity and balls to embark on a treacherous mission of bringing craft beer to the west valley. Enduring double, if not triple the struggles that face the average brewery Dubina had quite a task in front of them. Now three years into their mad business venture they’ve blazed a trail and have inspired others to follow suit. The West Valley is now home to some 8+plus craft breweries all fighting to carve out their niche not just in the west valley but in Arizona and beyond.
To celebrate their 3rd Anniversary Dubina decided to go a little “old school” if you will. In a day and age in the craft beer scene when everyone scrambles to shove any beer they have into a barrel, Dubina opted to make the best possible Imperial Stout they could barrel-free. Aim for the stars, hope for the moon. Well, these guys just passed Jupiter!
So many things have been added to stouts that it often gets too typical or trendy and kind of annoying. Not the case here. This truly was one of the most flavorful and balanced stouts I have ever had: creamy, chocolaty, full flavor and impressive mouthfeel from the first taste until the final bittersweet smack of the lips.
If this is what Dubina is capable of and a preview of things to come I can confidently tell you that the critics have been absurdly wrong. Head west! You will not be disappointed.
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