Helio Basin – Spring Equinox Desert Foraged Beer Pairing Dinner

What: Spring Equinox Desert Foraged Beer Pairing Dinner
Where: Helio Basin Brewing Company
When: Monday, March 26th from 6:30-9:00pm
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When you contemplate the season of spring many images and ideas can come to mind, among them the return of warmer weather, the promise of growth and renewal and the blossoming of crops and the Earth’s vegetation. Our inner child may even conjure an image of our favorite animal waking up from hibernation and stepping out for it’s first meal of the season, excited and hungry for what it will find. Drawing on this analogy I couldn’t be more excited (and hungry) for what the great folks at Helio Basin Brewing Co have in store for Arizona’s enthusiastic foodie community. On Monday March 26 Helio Basin will be presenting it’s Spring Equinox Desert Foraged Beer Pairing Dinner. The 3rd of an ongoing dinner concept designed to highlight the taste of the season, ingredients that are unique to Arizona and showcasing the diversity of beer and how it can be paired with food, enhance and even change flavor.

Celebrating the concept of farm to table being featured will be ingredients that are locally foraged giving you an experience that can not be replicated. In contrast to Fall flavors that could be described as heavy and earthy, the flavors of Spring promise to be bright, easy and light. Helio’s resident food wizard and executive chef Tamara Stanger has crafted an absolutely mouth watering Arizona food fantasy that I keep reading and dreaming about, if you don’t believe me take a look below at what’s in store for those smart enough to already have bought their tickets to this incredible once in a lifetime experience,

1st Course
Whipped Goat Chevre:
sourdough tortillas
neighborhood citrus and herbs.
Paired with /Pale Ale

2nd Course
Wild Mushroom & Cholla Bud:
desert spiced olive puree, red romaine, dates, wild radish, fennel
Paired with /Hoppy Amber

3rd Course
Venison Field Sausage:
dried strawberry + wolf berry jam
fried horseradish root, sheep’s creme, smoked malt puff pastry
Paired with /Blackberry Wheat

4th Course
Pinon Sap Cured & Smoked Tuna:
bay leaf cremeux, lamb pancetta, juniper ash smoked corn succotash and nasturtium.
Paired with /Robust Porter

5th Course
Goat & Tequila Flambe:
Dante’s inferno of osso bucco, smoked radish, carrot, beet and root burnt onion, cheese and apricot.
Paired with /Chupacabra Logga

6th Course
Barrel Cactus Semifreddo:
Lemon verbena mousse, black pepper meringue, mulberry sugar sake espuma, palo verde blossom, creosote fog.
Paired with /American IPA

I can confirm with absolute certainty and the utmost confidence that the things being produced and paired by the chef and brewers at Helio Basin will completely change your concept of how to pair beer with food and will make you fall in love with all the flavors that are Arizona, and you’ll be forever grateful they did.

AZ Beer Jedi

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