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The Dish: Cause Cooking
The Hope: To Find Good
The Location: All of Arizona
The Ask: Help Spread the Word and Send Us Your Submissions

Az Food & Wine is looking for restaurants and chefs who are using their talents and influences by Cause Cooking. What does that mean you ask? Well let us tell you.
Cause Cooking is a restaurant, restaurant group, or chef that is doing something great to help the community. Something great to help feed the homeless, or underprivileged. Something like The Gelato Spot did with the 2nd Annual Gelato Wars when ten of the valley’s hottest chefs combined their talents this August, to create some unique and flavorful gelato concoctions, all for a good cause. The mixture that received the most purchases from customers combined at the three local Gelato Spots around Phoenix and Scottsdale, became this years winner of the Gelato Wars. Along with the title of reigning gelato champ, the winner also receive a $5,000 check to present on their behalf to Make-A-Wish Arizona. Beckett’s Table’s Jeff Schoening was Crowned Gelato King of the 2nd Annual Wars with his creation of serving Buttermilk Pie with Wildberry Sauce (it was my favorite too!)
Another example is Oct 1st through Oct 31st, Sol Cocina at Scottsdale Quarter is donating 100% “Ta-Ta Tini” to Planned Parenthood of Arizona Inc. This is a month long campaigned design to help raise money for the award-winner breast health program that includes screening exams, diagnostic support, and patient navigation.
Az Food Wine is in search of programs like these and creative chefs and restauranteurs that are looking to make a difference in our community and state, but chances are they’re not looking to receive accolades.

Please help us spread the word and send your submission to

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